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Here’s the simple summary of WordCamp Tokyo 2008 at Digital Holleywood Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. The event consists of sessions by WordPress users, developers, and related enterprises.

Note that the summary below includes only the sessions that I was interested in. Not the full list.

WordPress History and Going Forward


  • The original of WordPress is b2/cafelog in 2001-2003. The development was to be terminated. Matt took the software over.
  • In Japan – WordPress ME released in 2003
  • WordPress 2.7 (Nov. 2008)
    Supports one-click upgrade
    Improve comment, article post
  • BuddyPress – Official release in e/2008
    Supports SNS

WordPress Statistics

  • Downloaded 1,687,968 times (as of v2.6)
  • 60 lang files
  • 2,968 plugins on official repository
  • 409 theme files on new official repository
  • 4,183,073 blogs on WordPress.com

Utilizing WordPress MU in Education Area

Parents association of Waseda University Senior High School


In 2004, they started their own website consists of simple HTML files. It was difficult for new parents joining anually, since most of them are not familiar with knowledge and passions for technical things. So set their eyes on WordPress that is easy to use.

To use WordPress (MU), they can use blog site with just two hours instructions.
Benefits: No need to setup FTP server. Thumbnails.
Issues: Someone need to maintain WordPress by itself.


  • Q: Any troubles on mtaintaining MU? MU looks peaky ((Need to handle carefully))
  • A: Nothing special. We don’t install many plugins. Not so frequent WordPress updates since UI layout changes makes users confused.
  • Q: Where do you host your server?
    A: Running by ourselves, since originally we had lots of photo pictures. Had a risk to expensive charge in case we use rental servers.

Lightbulb moments with WordPress



Sessions by Michael Pick, Automattic. WordPress

As same as camera, WordPress is easy-to-use in automatic mode, and customize in detail when users want. Automattic does not own WordPress. Community does.

WordPress Statistics

  • 7mil users
  • 11.1mil download this year
  • 35mil new posts
  • 6.5billion page views
  • Versions released every 3-4months
  • Only 58 consultants in Automatic

WordPress 2.7 – One click upgrade feature


  • Q: What does Automattic do as a business.
    A: Revenue from creation of VIP blogs.
  • Q: What’s difference of blog between in US and in Japan.
    A: In Japan there are lots of blogs. Movable Type occupies share. Rather I want to learn about Japanese market.

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