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(This is quick translation of Japanese version)

Introduction of Sandbox



Feature of Sandbox:

  • Page layout / design can be customized only by CSS. It requires just one line to refer PHP files of Sandbox.
    TEMPLATE: sandbox
  • Supports microformat
  • Small markups to add semantics onto HTML documents with class, rel ((e.g. hAtom, hCard, rel=”home”, xoxo))

Official Plugin Directory


Takayuki Miyoshi

Spoken by Takayuki Miyoshi, author of Contact Form 7 which can create contact form easily. Believe it or not, the reason of “7” is derived from guessing that it’s 7th known contact form plugins.

  • Official plugin directory – Official hosting space for WordPress plugins
  • Supports automatic upgrade on WordPress admin UI
  • Will support automatic install from WordPress 2.7

Information for plugin developers

  • Subversion hosting
  • GPL license only
  • Supports Trac for bug tracking
    Works with WordPress Plugin Repositor
  • Rating / Stats are displayed

How to register plugins on the Directory

  • How to get account … Account of the support forum = Subversion account
  • Register with plugin name and simple description

Contact Form 7

Released 1.0 in Aug. Start by Italian resource file sent in Sep, he appealed translation to more words. 24 languages as a total.

300-500downloads / day. Ranked 15th in Most Popular ranking.
Rated by 86people, Ave. four stars

The reason of popularity is being multibyte compliant, continued to release new versions, and to support users. Even though English is not so fluent, WordPress is the common language so no problem.

There are 2.6mil active WordPress blogs ((as of Aug. by Matt)). Releasing plugins is not only adding bonus features but also delivering software with huge platform.

Access to WordPress with XML-RPC

tenpura さん

tenpura さん

WordPress server can be connected by XML-RPC clients such as Windows Live Write and Ecto. When client “HTTP POST”s XML, server process as prescribed and returns result with XML. Use XML-RPC that is implemnted on WordPress by itself The only way to understand in detail is to read xmlrpc.php.

Sample Client Code (On the presentation slide)

[code gutter=”true” language=”php”]
$xml_server = ‘http://host/wp/xmlrpc.php’;
$method = ‘metaWeblog.newPost’;
$blog_ID = 1;
$user_login = ‘user’;
$user_pass = ‘password’;
$content_struct[‘title’] = ‘自作クライアント’;
$content_struct[‘description’] = ‘投稿テスト’;
$publish = 1;
$args = array($blog_ID, $user_login,
$user_pass, $content_struct, $publish);
$client = new IXR_Client($xml_server);
$client->query($method, $args);

Making WordPress to be mobile compliant



Japanese Mobile Situation

  • Penetration rate of mobile phones among age 20-50 … 90%
  • Each portal site of mobile careers have search textbox. Almost all have it on the page top. ((WILLCOM, E-Mobile does not have the search box))
  • Search result order … Official sites of mobile careers – Misc mobile sites – PC sites
  • Raw WordPress site … can be browsed by 3G phones at least, but not JavaScript compliant
  • Restriction of mobile phones … Small screens, no pointing devices, takes too long times to input characters
  • Spec diff between careers … Different specs of pictographic characters, PNG not avilable from NTT DoCoMo

Ktai Style Features

  • Compliant of 5 careers and smart phones
  • Supports pictographic characters
  • Split long description automatically
  • Reduced-size pictures
  • Simple blog maintanance
  • Change layout with templates
  • Mobile compliant – Advantage … Double numbers of access
  • Disadvantage … Unwilling comments. Annoying with crawlers for mobile.


  • Q: Displaying Contact Form 7 form causes Moji-bake. How do we fix this.
    A: If CF7 returns to same page, Ktai Style can override it. However it should be better that CF7 side has a fix. Let’s talk later.

Demonstration of Plugins Internationalization

aka さん


Localizing Custom Smilies plugin with Poedit. Prepare source – translation pair for each strings. Better not modify values such as %s. Motivation of localizing plugins is just it’s interesting.

To localize it, It is important to confirm how it works and read readme. Note that license is not GPL in some cases. License of plugins and language files are the same. It’s difficult to translate slungs such as Kinda mean, Lovey Dovey, and so on.

Ask authors if you can send language files to its plugin author with praising the person. Resources are either to be included in the author’s plugin package or to publish by yourself. Discuss which way to take. The benefit is not only evangelizing the WordPress plugins, but also good for SEO since you have backlinks.

WordCamp – Good opportunity to meet key players

So this was the first WordCamp in Japan. It reached the fix number at the first day offering 60 attendees. The fact demonstrates high level of interest for WordPress, the blog server.

The breakdown of 10sessions is: 3 sessions from developers such as Automattic, Mozilla, Adobe, 1 case example from a WordPress user, 1 overview of WordPress, and 5 other sessions for plugins introduction and technical sessions. We could meet with lots of major plugins authors. It was valuable event in the sense that we could see what kind of people warm WordPress up in Japan.

From my point of view working with localization, the issues are quite common even though localization platform and environment are different.