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  1. Martin


    can you contact me regarding your high temperature problem. I have a ASUS P8H67-M EVO (at the moment 2 mainboard, one Rev 3.0 and one < Rev 3.0 with chipset bug) with i7-2600K
    and also have high temperature problem with my B3 replacement board. I have found out that even the original (non B3 board) with a firmware newer 0805 (e.g. 1204) shows high temperature. New board has 1502, but i can't go down to 0805 for a test.
    Have a measured temperature under windows with 100% load ? Your above picture shows windows temperature but system is idle.

    Asus (Germany) has no clue. They say they have not seen this nor had problems with it…

    Looking forward for a private discussion via email.

    Best regards,



  2. Martin

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